The excellence of “Made in Italy” has always distinguished Italian
artisans from all others. At Sim Italian Gloves, our family stands
head and shoulders above others in the Italian glove-making tradition!
Small masterpieces of style and quality are produced by master glove
makers with expertise accumulated through many generations. Our
classic studio produces unique men’s and women’s gloves using
materials of the highest quality. The Simeone Family creates
fashionable styles through collaboration and inspiration from major
international brands. Each pair of Simeone gloves is the result of
skilled traditional tailoring that makes a unique and unsurpassed
final product. The craftsmanship, unlike that of most factories,
provides minute attention to detail and outstanding quality control.
Truly, every pair of gloves is a work of art that enhances the elegant
style of the wearer. On this website, our family proposes particular
selections of gloves to match many and diverse styles. Don’t miss this
golden opportunity to purchase now and make a unique Italian fashion

“GLOVE SIM” was the classic endeavor started in Napoli in 1927, by
Master glover Luigi Simeone. His goal was to create a studio for the
production of leather gloves, hand-crafted according to the Artisan
Tradition of Naples.
Luigi established this first artisan studio, which subsequently grew
into a family endeavor led by his son Antonio, who, in turn, passed
the work of his life down to his four sons.  Together, in 1997, they
changed the name of GLOVE SIM into “Sim Italian Gloves SRL”. The
Simeone brothers inherited from their grandfather Luigi and father
Antonio the mastery, elegance, and sophistication of Old-World Master
Glove Makers, and now, after three generations, continue to serve
their customers with the same unique spirit and committed excellence
of the past hundred years.
These are the values that make Sim Italian Gloves the finest gloves,
not only in Italy, but throughout the world.


Each and every one of our articles is hand-crafted according to the
Artisan Tradition of Naples. The process of making gloves continues to
hold steadfast, in all stages, to the professional production process
of the Simeone family.
For our materials at Sim Italian Gloves SRL, at the outset, we
purchase only the highest quality, personally inspected raw hides.  We
then perform our own meticulous tanning and dyeing of leathers.  Our
artisans are highly trained professionals who are committed to
excellence.  We cut our own dyed leathers, and, using sewing machines
and heated irons, both classic and modern, create an exclusive and
fashionable glove.  Our gloves are made with a single philosophy that
achieves a balanced blend of tradition and modernity. The excellent
quality of our gloves is guaranteed by the professional craftsmanship
involved in all stages of production. Each product is handmade using
our own techniques, and ultimately, after extreme care and attention
to detail, we present a work of art, stunning to behold and wear.


The “Sim Italian Gloves SRL” logo is certified since 1999, but our
gloves have been “Made in Italy” from the beginning.  Unlike many
companies who ship their production and manufacture overseas, we
handcraft every glove we sell right here in our studio in Bella
To assure the highest quality in every glove we produce, our quality
control team professionally checks and verifies our products at each
step of the process.
Our gloves are only produced using materials and a process that
maintain a firm commitment to environmental issues.