What are the shipping rates?

All orders are $20 in the United States & Italy.  

What are the delivery times?

We will ship your order within 5-6 business days from your order date. (USA & Italy)

Is it possible to indicate a specific day and / or time for delivery?

It is possible to request that the delivery of the goods take place only after a certain date by choosing the deferred delivery option in the order confirmation phase.

All shipments are made by express courier and Simeonegloves entrusts its deliveries to shipping companies operating throughout the country and delivering throughout the day according to their own organizational logic.

You will therefore have to indicate an address where someone is always present to collect the package. If there is not always someone at your home who can sign the delivery receipt, we recommend that you indicate a different address, for example a house with a concierge, an office, a shop, etc.

Can I check the status of the shipment?

Yes, you can check the shipment status of your order from the day after shipment. Simeonegloves will notify you via e-mail at the time of shipment: just click on the link contained in the message to access the status of your shipment on the express courier's website. You will therefore be able to check the route and, in the event of problems or anomalies, you can contact the express courier directly.

What should I do if what I have purchased does not arrive?

If the purchased items are not delivered to you within the period specified in the purchase procedure and in the confirmation email, check the courier's website with the tracking number or contact our assistance.

In the event that the product is not delivered to you within the terms indicated in the purchase process and in the order confirmation, you will have the right to set a new additional delivery term appropriate to the circumstances, after which you will have the right to terminate the purchase. made and obtain a refund of the amount paid.

Order handling time- 1-3 business days

Delivery time- 5-6 business days